This week I was excited to receive the "fish eye lens" package from YAMAMOTO INDUSTRIES . This iphone accessory add on is meant to mount directly to your iphone camera, make it relatively easy to take iphotos with the "fish eye effect." If you are unfamiliar with the term, take a look at the sample picture above. It gives the photos a more round effect, a great tool if your an amateur photographer or just looking to have some fun.

The YAMAMOTO package came with a hard plastic iphone case, a fish eye lens, and a small bag. The lens was very easy to mount onto the camera and required little time. 
This is what it looks like when you put it on your phone, with/ without the protector on, the case is very slim.

I've never used a professional camera with a fish lens, but I have downloaded basic applications to apply the fish eye effect. Let me tell you, there is a huge difference in favor of the Yamamoto Fish Eye Lens. The ease of use applied with simply taking the picture with the lens already attached instead of applying graphic filters can not be under estimated. If your into the effect and want to explore, I would recommend the Fish Eye Lens + Case Kit for iPhone 4/4S. 

As you can tell, I am very satisfied with the fish eye lens piece and I would recommend it to those who like to do amateur photography with their iphones.

I will review the other products I got this week, so make sure you come back here and take a look at their webstore, they have alot of iPhone, iPad and Macbook accessories!